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Conscience: The Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion


Vol. XXXVI - No. 2
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Catholics to Pope Francis: Act Now and Respect the Consciences and Reproductive Rights of Women

In advance of the papal visit to Mexico, Catholics for Choice delivered an urgent message to Pope Francis about the Zika epidemic in the International New York Times. The ad is part of a campaign that will also appear in El Salvador asking Francis to do the right thing for Latin American women. Invoking the parable of the Good Samaritan, the open letter asks Francis to show true pastoral leadership. Read more in English and Spanish.

In TIME, Jon O’Brien asks Pope Francis to lift the ban on abortion and birth control.


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What Catholics Are Saying About Planned Parenthood on Valentine's Day

11 February 2016 - Today, legislators and Planned Parenthood clinics across the United States received an anthology of letters from Catholics in 39 states expressing their appreciation for the services Planned Parenthood provides.

Dear Planned Parenthood: Love Letters from Catholics features heartfelt messages thanking Planned Parenthood staff for the care they provide to women and men across the country.

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Can Faith and Freedom Co-exist?

The debate over religious freedom will continue to be a key issue in the United States and Europe. Religious lobbies are pressuring policymakers for exemptions or for permission to impose their views on the rest of society.

“Can Faith and Freedom Co-exist?” a new film produced by Catholics for Choice on behalf of the Global Interfaith and Secular Alliance, answers the pressing questions about religious freedom, secularism and extremism.


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You have relied on Conscience magazine for our incisive look at the intersections of reproductive health, religion and women's issues.

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Catholics for Choice Stands with Planned Parenthood

14 December 2015 - Today, more than 90 Catholic state leaders and legislators from 31 states joined together in a two-page spread in Politico, vowing to stand with Planned Parenthood. Factions in Congress continue to try to defund the organization during the ongoing battles on spending bills. This month, conservative extremist groups are again threatening to hold government funding hostage unless Planned Parenthood funding is eliminated for next year. Read more.

Catholics know that Planned Parenthood provides critical services for women and men in our communities—that’s why Catholics for Choice delivered cakes and messages of goodwill to women’s clinics on behalf of Catholic supporters.

Join us. Take a moment to write a note to Planned Parenthood, telling them why you, as a Catholic, stand with them.

PRess Advisory

Fighting AIDS under Francis?

30 November 2015 - When it comes to reproductive health and bodily autonomy, bishops are certainly keeping business as usual. Under Francis’ leadership, the hierarchy still makes statements against condom use to prevent HIV. This raises serious questions about whether people are getting the services they need under development aid even though church-controlled charities take taxpayer money.  Read more.


European Parliamentary Forum: A Secular Europe

1 October 2015 - Catholics for Choice co-organized a forum at the European Parliament, “Religion, Human Rights and a Secular Europe: Can Faith and Freedom Co-exist?” with Europe’s International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA-Europe) as part of the Global Interfaith and Secular Alliance (GISA). The forum brought together MEPs, journalists and civil society to discuss the rise of intolerant religious groups in European institutions. Panels covered sexual and reproductive health, the rights of LGBTI people, an extreme religious presence in Europe, as well as the freedom of and from religion. Read more.

Press Release

New Poll: What Do Millennials in the Time of Francis Believe?


29 June 2015 - When Pope Francis visits the United States this fall, he will no doubt be surrounded by young Catholics. But new polling of Catholic Millennials released today in Conscience magazine shows that while they have positive views of Pope Francis, they express beliefs that stand in stark contrast to the Catholic hierarchy on everything from abortion to same-sex marriage to equality for women in the church. Read more.

Support Real Religious Liberty, Not Discrimination

From Sunday, June 21 to Saturday, July 4, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops held their annual campaign to promote discrimination. Though the bishops call it a “Fortnight for Freedom,” make no mistake: The bishops’ idea of religious freedom is the freedom to discriminate against anyone who disagrees with them, and they want all of us to join them.

Join us in the fight for real religious freedom

New Publication

An International Summit on Reproductive Choice

An International Summit on Reproductive Choice

At a unique two-day summit, more than 70 advocates, service providers and academics from across the globe discussed how best to defend and advance women’s reproductive choices. The summit was organized by Catholics for Choice, along with Portugal’s Associação para o Planeamento da Família and the British Pregnancy Advisory Service. Summit speakers debated the difficult issues that have long challenged those in the domestic and international reproductive health field. Select proceedings in this publication offer groundbreaking perspectives on thorny issues like later abortion, fetal pain, sex selection and fetal anomaly. Read more.

New Publication

You Are Not Alone: Catholic Women
and the Abortion Decision

You Are Not Alone


Catholic women facing the abortion decision often feel alone when they walk into a clinic. "You Are Not Alone" is a new resource that affirms their decisions through a solid grounding in our religious tradition.

Order "You Are Not Alone" from the CFC online store.

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Catholic Theology the Bishops Won't Talk About


It’s not just regular Catholics that are being left out of the bishops’ synod. There’s more to Catholic teaching on sexuality and reproductive choices than you’ll hear from the Vatican. Watch this video to learn about some of the best kept secrets about Catholicism on these issues that are critical to Catholics today.

Coalition for Liberty & Justice

Liberty and Justice for All


A new short film from the Coalition for Liberty & Justice shows what happens when religious extremists in the US use religion as a license to discriminate against hospital staff, teachers and other workers who do not conform to the extremists’ views of what is acceptable. This discrimination takes place using your tax dollars. Read more.