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Conscience: The Newsjournal of Catholic Opinion


Vol. XXXV - No. 1
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Contraception Coverage at the Supreme Court

Catholics for Choice Supports Real Religious Liberty

Africa Calling

As the Supreme Court hears oral arguments in Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores and Conestoga Wood Specialties Corp. v. Sebelius, Catholics for Choice published a full-page ad in the Washington Post blasting the bishops’ bogus claims about religious liberty. We also joined more than 40 members of the Coalition for Liberty & Justice, a broad alliance of faith-based, secular and other national organizations, who endorsed a statement in support of real religious liberty for all.

You can find additional resources about religious liberty on our resource page.

Press Release

President Obama, Consider This When You Meet
Pope Francis

27 March 2014 — “It’s important that President Obama remember that Pope Francis is a spiritual leader for Catholics, not our political leader. The majority of Catholics believe Pope Francis is leading our church in a positive direction, but the Vatican’s draconian rules on sex and sexuality, reproductive health and family life still do not reflect the real lives of lay Catholics.” Read more.

Pope Francis' First Anniversary

Catholics for Choice on Pope Francis' First Year

As we celebrated the first anniversary of Pope Francis this week, Catholics for Choice was called on for comment and analysis by a variety of media sources. Read a Message from the President, listen to a slot with Jon O’Brien on National Public Radio, and read a selection of the articles below.

17 March 2014Uprising RadioDespite Internal Pressures, Pope Francis’ First Year Shows Promise

13 March 2014 New York Times Being a Catholic in the Time of Francis

13 March 2014TheLoop.ca/CTV — Catholics celebrate Pope Francis

13 March 2014 — Excelsior — Francisco, un Papa mediático

12 March 2014 — Religion Dispatches — Debate Heats Up Over "Francis Effect"

8 March 2014 — The ObserverPope Francis: revitalising the Catholic Church

7 March 2014 — CKNW AM 980 Jon O'Brien on the Bill Good Show

5 March 2014 — Wall Street Journal — Women Could Have Greater Role in Church, Says Pope

5 March 2014 — Al Jazeera AmericaPope says he’s no ‘superman,’ playing down potential for sweeping reforms


Africa Calling

Africa Calling

Too often we only hear bad news out of Africa: troublesome hotspots, corruption, exploitation and many other challenges. In this issue of Conscience, we decided to find out for ourselves what the real story is in relation to reproductive health. Naturally, the story we uncovered was mixed, with some dreadful stories interspersed by successes and many glimmers of hope. Read the issue.




"The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics"

“The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics” is a new documentary-style film produced by Catholic for Choice. Featuring interviews with leading experts in the fields of theology, philosophy and ethics, it sets the record straight about Catholic social teaching on issues related to sex and sexuality.

Watch the film.